CARRY ON STREAMIN ... is intended to raise money for EFC's Paddy Bort Fund (see below). We hope to publish this on-line magazine fortnightly and it will carry videos donated by a range of folk acts, news-ie snippets from 'wherever' (no borders here!), perhaps album reviews, interviews and anything else we feel like including. If you want to send us some content - then please do so, email it to

There's also of course(!) a PayPal button here to so you can donate whatever sums you like to the cause.

In February 2017 EFC's widely respected chair, Eberhardt "Paddy" Bort died suddenly. The club ran a fund raising concert in Paddy's memory in June 2017 and created the Paddy Bort Fund (PBF) from the concert's profits. The sole intention of the PBF is to provide financial support to professional folk performers who may be in financial difficulties through no fault of their own.

The fund however is small and we have distributed some £2 000 since its creation. The COVID19 crisis means that this fund has become more necessary as time passes. Since writing this short piece (late May 2020) it has become more and more likely that the current lockdown will not end soon for concert venues, pubs and clubs if the social distancing rules remain as they are in early July 2020. Many professional folk musicians are going to be severely hit as a result. Those who have a vested interest in professional folk performers need to help support those who give us all so much pleasure in normal times. Therefore, we have set out to raise £10 000 (or more).