ZOR at Edinburgh Folk Club

Ukrainian Community Centre, 14 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5AB

ZOR is a high octane group of young Roma musicians living in Glasgow. Their music brings together traditional and modern gypsy music to create a colourful repertoire. The group was formed as part of Ando Glasos youth project in 2019 (see below) and recently received support from the Youth Music Initiative. Since its establishment ZOR has introduced a large number of young Roma to various strands of traditional gypsy music and other different music genres. They work regularly with professional tutors to develop their skills and knowledge both as a group and individually. The group's work explores many different dialects of the divers gypsy music traditions from the Balkans to flamenco. The aim of the group is to become ambassadors of Roma culture and showcase it to a wide audience. ZOR has started to gain recognition by appearing at festivals such as the Kelburn Garden Party over at Kelburn Castle, Fairlie [ A distinctly magical atmosphere. (Scotsman), The best festival in Scotland. (Skinny), A jewel in Scotland's festival crown. (List)].


£10.00, £7.00