Dateline: Wednesday 14 July 2021.
CARRY ON STREAMIN 2.01 is now available

NB: This COS is the first of the new monthly schedule.

To view COS2.01 videos head over to EFC's YouTube channel and go either here for the companion text publication or here for the companion text publication.

Go to our CARRY ON STREAMIN page to find out more about the range of projects either in place now or being planned to raise money for our Paddy Bort Fund.

The whole point of Carry On Streamin is to raise funds for our Paddy Bort Fund which is intended to help folk musicians who have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. If you'd like to donate click here to go to our GoFundMe page.

Until now in 2021 and through 2020 we have paid more than 65 performers and some tech guys a total of over £16 000. The fund is now running dangerously low - as it is supposed to do of course - and we need more money, URGENTLY,  to enable us to continue to help where help is needed. Any amount will do: £5, £10 ... it's all going to help.

At the same time, to create Carry On Streamin under our new monthly schedule, we continue to ask for info to be sent to us - articles, wee newsie items, pictures, online gig info - anything of interest from the broad world of folk and related musics.

Also, if you have anything you want advertise - gig, festival, CD, book - please send us an advert to run for you (jpeg or pdf format please). No payment required but a donation to PBF would be nice, although that's not not a deal-breaker.

COS Advert specs

  • full page 218 mm high x 190 mm wide
  • half page portrait 158 mm high x 125 mm wide
  • half page landscape  127.5 high x 190 mm wide
  • full column 218 mm high x 60 mm wide
  • across two full columns 190mm high x 125 mm wide

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Dateline ...
Thursday 8 April 2021

EDINBURGH FOLK CLUB has cancelled all gigs
until January 2022
because of uncertainty with COVID-19.

Watch this space!

ACCESSIBILITY at the Ukrainian Community Centre

Edinburgh FC's weekly gigs take place on the ground floor of the Ukrainian Community Centre.
This means that wheel chair access is good.
There are three steps up from the pavement on to the 'runway' to the main door and then one further step up at that door
(see pic right of front door to UCC).
There is a ramp to assist in getting wheel chairs from the pavement into the building.

Once inside everything is flat - no more steps.
The door into the room has a wee rise to negotiate but it's only about 2 cm.
There is one wheelchair enabled toilet towards the rear of the ground floor

If you need any further information please give us a call (07968 131737) or click here to email or here (EFC secretary).

Now in its 47th season (2020-2021) - the weirdest one ever(!) -  the EDINBURGH FOLK CLUB meets every Wednesday (summer and xmas breaks and COVID restrictions excepted) and starts promptly at 8.00pm with an opening act, maybe two, followed by the headliner's first set.

After an interval there is usually a song from one of our residents, followed by a short set from the opening act, the raffle(!), and the headliner's second set. We aim to finish around 10.45pm or thereabouts.Tickets are available in advance for each event by clicking on the on-line box office links in the list of shows above.

You can usually get a ticket at the door from 7.30pm on the night (subject to availability)

However be warned that we do sometimes sell out so always buy tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates on sold-out shows or cancellations due to weather.

In general ticket prices are ...
£10.00 (general/non-members)
£9.00 (usual concessions)
£7.00 (EFC members and any card carrying member of any folk club elsewhere in the world)
£5.00 (Any matriculated student from any college or university anywhere in the world.)

Some events may have special (usually more expensive) pricing (*) and if so we indicate that.


It is believed that Edinburgh FC has the unique distinction of receiving the above award as well as being awarded Folk Club Of The Year in the BBC Radio Two Folk Awards 2003. No other folk club in the UK has achieved "The Double".

We've booked the theatre at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh's HIgh Street for the annual Carrying Stream Festival lecture - on Saturday 13 November 2021. We'll keep you informed.

For information about Edinburgh FC gigs not obtainable elsewhere call m: +44(0)7968 131737

In the list of gigs below, click on each performer's name for info about them and to go to the on-line box office to buy advance tickets. We try to provide advance tickets up to (approximately) two months ahead so if you find a box office link unavailable here it just means we haven't got round to that gig yet. You could, however, go directly to our on-line box office here to see if the show is on sale there.

We always recommend buying in advance since, if a show sells out (and they do), we cannot push the walls of the venue back to accommodate extra seats!