Saturday 10 November 2018

A Celebration of the Life & Legacy of Hamish Henderson

Sat 10 Nov 2018   Annual Hamish Henderson Lecture

2.00 pm   Scottish Storytelling Centre
Hamish Henderson Lecture
Cogadh no Sìth? War or Peace? Hamish Henderson, Jock Duncan and the Voicings of War
Professor Gary West, Chair of Scottish Ethnology, University of Edinburgh
As we gather to remember and pay tribute to Hamish Henderson, we also mark the centenary of the end of one global war, aware of course that it was a short-lived peace. Hamish Henderson and folksinger Jock Duncan both fought in the next major world conflict, and both have left us powerful voicings of the Scottish experience of war. Reflecting on the poetics of these legacies, Gary West argues that both men have contributed significantly to the creative process of bearing witness and of ‘remembering’.

Free but ticketed admission - pick up from Storytelling Centre (t: 0131 556 9579)

Sun 11 Nov 2018   TMSA (Edinburgh & Lothians Branch)
Singing Session
3:00 pm to 5:30pm   Royal Oak (downstairs lounge), 1 Infirmary Sreet, EH1 1LT
Free admission

Regular attendees of CSF will have realised that this year it's "CSF Lite". The upsets to our admin over recent months took eyes of balls a bit and we wanted to take stock. Plus on Sunday 11 November 2018 there's "Far Far From Ypres" in the Usher Hall - a great show marking a highly significant date.

Next year however, will be different. Saturday 9 November 2019 would have been Hamish Henderson's 100th birthday. We have already got the venues booked and have started work on creating a special weekend-long event to mark this special day.

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The CARRYING STREAM FESTIVAL is organised annually in November by the Edinburgh Folk Club to celebrate the life and work of the great Scottish folklorist and writer Hamish Henderson pictured here with Jeannie Robertson.