12:30pm, Saturday 13 November 2021

A Celebration of the Life & Legacy of Hamish Henderson

ONCE AGAIN, regulations around COVID about social distancing mean we have to cut our cloth accordingly. It's not as bad as last year when we did the lecture using Zoom, this year we can use the Scottish Storytelling Centre's theatre but not all 99 seats; social distancing means that only 70 seats can be used.

In addition to that the requirements of Test and Protect mean that anyone wishing to attend the lecture must contact the SSC box office to secure a ticket. That, we're afraid, includes even those to whom we would normally send invitations to attend. Please contact the SSC box office HERE or call them on 0131 556 9579.

Mairi McFadyen is a creative ethnologist with a background in academic research and teaching. Now based in the Highlands, she freelances across the connected roles of educator, researcher, writer and facilitator. She is currently a member of activist collective Enough! exploring ideas and action around climate, economic and social justice. Mairi's practice is informed by her background in ethnology, cultural anthropology and human ecology. She holds an award-winning PhD from the University of Edinburgh where she taught for several years in the Department of Celtic & Scottish Studies and School of Scottish Studies Archives. She is currently a research associate with the Intercultural Research Centre (IRC) at Heriot-Watt University and has contributed to the The Centre for Human Ecology (CHE) education cooperative.

THE LECTURE: Heelstergowdie Upendings and Hopeful Futures
As we emerge from the upending experience of the Covid-19 pandemic and face up to the realities of the global climate crisis in the aftermath of Glasgow’s COP26, this year’s Hamish Henderson lecture will reflect upon how Henderson’s writings and cultural activism can inspire contemporary ideas and action for climate, economic and social justice. From her perspective within the emerging degrowth movement in Scotland, Mairi will sketch out an alternative vision of radical transformation towards a more just, convivial and hopeful future.

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The CARRYING STREAM FESTIVAL is organised annually in November by the Edinburgh Folk Club to celebrate the life and work of the great Scottish folklorist and writer Hamish Henderson pictured here with Jeannie Robertson.