DATELINE: Tuesday 11 January 2022

These rules are published for clarity and to ensure a safe
and enjoyable visit to Edinburgh FC @ Ukrainian Community Centre.

In the statements below the following meanings apply ...
Edinburgh Folk Club - aka Edinburgh FC - aka EFC - aka the venue - at Ukrainian Community Centre comprises the ground floor room used as the auditorium, the lobby and toilets.


UPDATE: This update is in connection with the omicron variant of the coronavirus.
Current (hogmanay) Scottish Government guidance says if you are going to be mixing with other people, get a Lateral Flow Test before you go. In fact get tested regularly. And, if you don’t have symptoms take regular lateral flow tests anyway – especially before mixing with other people. See HERE for the full guidance. Get vaccinated and get a booster jag.

1) Remember to wear a facemask/face-covering when entering the venue unless you are exempt from mask wearing.
Go HERE to get NHS information about being exempt from wearing a facemask.

Please scan the Track and Trace QR code upon entering the venue.
Go HERE for information about using this QR code.
If you are unable to do that we will record your name and mobile number.
This is a mandatory part of the Scottish government's anti-COVID measures.

2) Please ensure you use the hand sanitiser as you enter the venue.
Hand sanitiser fluid
for general use is available in locations around the venue.

3) All members of the audience will wear protective facemasks/face-coverings when moving around the venue.
This is a mandatory part of the Scottish government's anti-COVID measures
We will not give ticket refunds if this is an issue.

The only exceptions to this rule are children of 12 years or under and folk who are exempt (see above also).

4) While at the bar in the lobby facemasks/coverings can be removed while buying drinks.
Drinking at the bar will be allowed.

5) Please make sure to wash, and perhaps sanitise, your hands after you have used the toilet.

6) The venue will be cleaned before each gig (tables, chairs, surfaces, toilets).

7) The venue's seating capacity is normally 80 seats.

Until further notice EFC will operate with 60 socially distanced seats as capacity.
Seats will mostly be around small 'bistro' tables with 4 per table.